Makeup Brushes

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The makeup brushes that we provide at Jarrold are perfect for helping you achieve the full natural look effortlessly. When using one of our makeup brushes, you will see how easy it is to achieve definition and an even coverage of makeup across your face. In fact, the results can be so impressive that people might think it was applied by a professional makeup artist! The bristles of our cosmetic brushes provide superior strength that lasts to ensure that not only is your makeup is applied precisely but also to make sure your makeup is use efficiently as well. Within our range of make up brushes are special lip and eye brushes alongside brush cleaner. The celebrated brands that help to compose our collection of makeup brushes include Benefit, Estee Lauder and The Vintage Cosmetic Company, to name but a few, all of whom are renowned for their high quality.  Discover our range of makeup brushes online or visit us on the Ground Floor of our Norwich department store.