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Browse our collection of soft toys and puppets. Cuddly and made from the softest, plush materials, TY and Jellycat have created the perfect playtime partner. Bring bedtime stories to life with the adorable finger and hand puppets from The Puppet Company.

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The soft toys that we offer at Jarrold are made out of the softest and finest materials, so that feel luxurious when cuddled and adored by your child. Our soft toys @FILTER@ range is the perfect companion for your child throughout the day. At Jarrold, we also sell a variety of puppets that help to inspire the creativity of your child while providing hours of fun. An additional advantage that our soft toys @FILTER@ and puppets range has, that in some circumstances it can aid the educational development of your child. We provide a wide range of soft toys and puppets @FILTER@ in our Norwich store from a number of celebrated brands that include the Puppet Company, Jellycat, and Keel among others, which all share the same commitment to high quality and providing high play value. Discover our range of soft toys and puppets online @FILTER@ or on the 3rd floor of our Norwich department store.

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