Joseph Joseph

Since 2003, Joseph Joseph has been on a mission to provide your household with innovative cooking, barware and bathroom gadgets that allow you to save time on household chores so that you can enjoy your downtime more! 

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 Joseph Joseph kitchenware is among the most innovative and inventive that is currently available. The simple ethos behind Joseph Joseph of creating kitchen utensils@FILTER@ that is easy to use and space saving, ensuring that you get the most out of your kitchen, has seen it been rewarded with multiple awards from celebrated kitchenware institutions. Within our range of Joseph Joseph kitchenware@FILTER@ you will be able to find knifes, storage containers, utensils from the Joseph Joseph Elevate@FILTER@ collection, specially designed to minimise waste and improve kitchen hygiene, and of course a number of the iconic Joseph Joseph chopping boards. The unique ability of Joseph Joseph to match form and function, means that their utensils are a must have for any kitchen. We stock a wide range of Joseph Joseph kitchenware@FILTER@ in the Lower Ground Floor of our Norwich Department Store.

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