Tackling Climate Change & Reducing Waste

We seek to play our part in supporting the environment and reduce the impact of our activities.

As a company which has been in business for over 250 years and seen many challenges over that time, Jarrold is very conscious of the need to play its part in supporting the global effort to combat climate change and other environmental challenges facing our society. Climate change is a fact which affects everyone and by nations, institutions and individuals reviewing their use of precious resources, there is the greatest chance that businesses and communities such as ours can continue to thrive for many generations and centuries to come.

Since awareness of climate change and other environmental factors has come to the fore over recent years, aspects of the operation of Jarrold retail have been kept under regular review to maximise opportunities to use resources more efficiently and find ways of working with suppliers and other businesses to reduce carbon consumption.

Reduced underlying energy consumption by 20% since 2015 | Switched to 100% green energy for electricity usage | Ongoing programme to minimise waste and send as much for recycling as possible | Carbon neutral local deliveries | Locally sourced restaurant produce, no extra charge plant-based milks, loose leaf tea and paper straws

Saving Energy

For many years we have been seeking to reduce energy use within our business. Major examples are that when refurbishments of departments take place all lighting systems are converted to LED units which has led to consumption savings. Settings are also regularly reviewed to ensure that lights are only on when they need to be. Heating and air conditioning systems are only operated when needed and better ways of managing them are regularly reviewed.

Since 2015 we have been able to reduce our underlying energy consumption by 20% and are working towards greater reductions over the next 10 years as plant is replaced and further improvements are evaluated.

In 2019 we switched to 100% green energy for our electricity usage.

Buying Better

Across the retail business, our team of buyers works closely with suppliers to seek out, encourage and support activities which demonstrate more environmentally favourable operations. This includes reviewing ranges with suppliers to understand what initiatives they are taking to change practices in relation to using more environmentally friendly fabrics, wood and other raw materials, reduce energy and water usage and waste in manufacturing processes. Reducing packaging and changing to recyclable and recycled materials are also areas of focus.

We are proud to highlight products which clearly contribute to our aspirations and plan to highlight these through the use of our ‘Buying Better’ labels.

We are keen to use local suppliers where possible to support the local economy and reduce transport and service mileage. This includes many of the products in our popular Deli and our Jarrold Store Folk programme which highlights and promotes distinctive products from smaller local businesses.

We have always taken animal welfare seriously and have never sold furs or exotic skins.

Our buying processes are regularly reviewed to reduce stockholdings and manage stocks better so that less goes to waste.


Tackling Waste

Waste generated throughout the business is separated and as much as possible is recycled. After our waste is collected by an external company, it is hand sorted and anything that cannot be recycled is sent to be used for residual derived fuel.

We have an ongoing programme to minimise waste and send as much for recycling as possible. To reduce waste, customers are encouraged to bring their own cups for takeaway coffees to reduce the number of disposable cups used and colleagues have access to water fountains for reusable water bottles.


No Carbon Deliveries

For local deliveries and between the sites on which we operate in Norwich, we are pleased to use Zedify cycle courier services for suitable items. This includes a daily delivery of fresh scones to our Jarrold at the Refectory Cafe at Norwich Cathedral. 

During the Covid pandemic, Zedify delivered over 2,650 parcels for us in 12 months giving an annual CO2 saving of 538kg and providing 265 living wage rider hours.


Food & Drink

In our popular Deli we stock a wide and growing variety of fabulous produce from local suppliers, alongside a huge variety of artisan fare from Europe and further afield.  

In our restaurants, we source as much locally as possible and ensure that meat and fish come from sustainable and traceable sources. We also offer plant-based milks (at no extra charge), loose leaf tea and paper straws.

Thoughtful Packaging and Paper

In Spring 2021 we stopped using plastic carrier bags and encouraged customers to use their own bags. The paper bags we do offer come from FSC certified sustainable sources.

For packaging online orders, we use FSC certified mailbags and reuse as much of the packaging which comes through the business as possible. We used gummed paper tape to seal packages.

We look for paper products using recycled materials and offer super-soft toilet paper made from recycled coffee cups. All the printer/copier paper we use is made from 100% recycled paper.

* The appropriate material will be used depending on the item/s being packed

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