Dualit's success lies in a single-minded vision for the company and its products which hasn't changed since Max Gort-Barten started the company back in the 1940s. The company's ethos can be summed up in these guiding principles: No frills. No gimmicks. No compromise. It must be Dualit

Dualit Kettles & Toasters

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Dualit toasters and kettles have a well deserved reputation for being reliable and well-engineered with a distinctive timeless design. During its’ lifetime Dualit has won many awards and accolades including from Which? magazine, who wrote about their jug kettle that ‘This Dualit kettle isn’t just good – it’s the best kettle we’ve tested in years.’ Dualit toasters have also won awards including from the Excellence in Houseware Awards. Dualit is an independently owned British manufacturer who has become a byword for dependency. We stock a selection of Dualit toasters and kettles in our Norwich store.

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