Lingerie & Bra Fitting at Jarrold

Find your perfect bra with our in store fitting service

Pop in to our lingerie department on the ladies fashion floor or call for an appointment on 01603 660661

The importance of a well-fitting bra

Just like a pair of shoes, bras are worn everyday so it’s important that they fit well and are comfortable. This is not only to support your shape, but it’s also for your well-being and body confidence.

Wearing an ill fitting bra can affect you in many ways including your clothes not fitting you properly, unnecessarily increasing the look of your bust size, poor posture, strain on your shoulders, back and neck and discomfort around your breasts.

It’s believed that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size and shape bra for their body. The benefits of a bra fitting will allow you to understand your body shape and discover which bra is best to support and flatter your figure, making you feel comfortable and carry yourself with confidence. Our in store fitting service is completely free and confidential, and our friendly ladies in our lingerie department are fantastic and take pride in what they do.

How can you benefit from an expert bra fitting?

Our lingerie team strongly suggest you should come in for a fitting if you experience any of the following: straps that dig in or slip off your shoulders, gaping sides, wrinkled cups, spillage over the cup, cup straps or the back band rising up, wires that dig in and chaffing. You may also experience pain in your back, chest, underarm and neck which could be linked to an ill fitting bra.

You may feel worried, uncomfortable or self-conscious at the thought of having a bra fitting. It can be easy to put it off and make time for, but our expert team are here to re-assure and advise you in a professional and discreet manner. The fitting only takes 30 minutes of your time, but the benefits are invaluable. You’ll leave feeling better informed and confident that you are looking your best. Our experts are also fully trained in fitting post-surgery bras, D++ bras and swimwear.

What you can expect from your bra fitting appointment

Your fitting will take place in one of our comfortable and discreet lingerie changing rooms.

Your fitter will ask you what bra or swimwear you are looking for. This is a good time for you to mention any concerns you may have i.e shoulder straps digging in, back straps riding up.

Your fitter will give you the chance to choose styles you like from our in store range, whilst they will use their product knowledge to suggest the best pieces to suit your needs.

You’ll then be shown into an individual fitting room.

Your fitter will then ask if you are comfortable for her to see you in the bra you are currently wearing, so she can spot any issues and see how your current bra fits, which will then allow her to advise what bras will be suitable for you to try.

You'll then try on the bras you and your fitter have selected together.

Your fitter will check each bra once you are in it and will adjust the bra for the best possible fit until you are happy with how you feel and look.

In Store Fitting Service
Our lingerie department is situated in our Norwich store on the stunning ladies fashion floor. There’s no need to book an appointment, our ladies will welcome you at any time of the day. However, if booking an appointment works best for you, please call the main store on 01603 660661 and our customer service team will put you through to the lingerie department.

Anne has an impressive 15 years of experience in lingerie fitting. Trained by the Eveden group and a Fantasie & Freya consultant, she also specialises in mastectomy and nursing bra fittings. Anne excels in building and maintaining a trusting relationship with her customers to make them feel marvellous.

Ginny has been fitting lingerie for the past 12 years and is a trained Triumph consultant. Her years of experience also include mastectomy fitting. Ginny loves her job, which really shows from letters she has received from her customers who really appreciate her helpfulness and friendly manner.

Sue has been working in retail for 30 years and loves working in the lingerie department. She took her training with Fantasie and Triumph and also has experience in mastectomy fitting. Sue believes in creating an attractive and welcoming atmosphere to make her customers feel at ease.

Corinne has worked at Jarrold for 15 years in fashion and lingerie. She was awarded a degree in Bra Design from De Montfort University. Corinne’s fantastic product knowledge, combined with her friendly personality and professional approach will give you a fantastic bra fitting experience.

Alex has 8 years of experience and is Triumph & Fantasie trained.  She is passionate about keeping up to date with the latest lingerie trends and designs. Taking pride in her job, Alex loves helping her customers and her greatest satisfaction is making them feel happy and confident.