Jellycat soft toys are irresistibly cute and cuddly; perfect for little ones and big kids alike. The quirky designs and super soft fur make them extremely lovable and the perfect gift for any occasion. Find your new snuggle buddy in our extensive collection of cuties.

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More About Jellycat

Jellycat has since 1999 been renowned for producing humorous, original and innovative soft toys. The appeal of Jellycat toys is their combination of luxurious fabrics with cute and quirky designs that make it stand out from the rest as well as being the softest toy you have ever cuddled and adored. Jellycat prides itself on producing soft toys that are sophisticatedly silly and irresistibly cuddly, making it the perfect gift for all ages. We stock a wide range of Jellycat stuffed animals in our Norwich store including ducklings, puppies as well as the Jellycat bunny.

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