Jellycat Soft Toys are irresistibly cute and cuddly, perfect for little ones and big kids alike. Some of our favourites are Jellycat Foods, Jellycat bunniesJellycat octupuses, and Jellycat toys make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Bunnies & Hares

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Perfect gifts for babies and toddlers

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The most classic of soft toys with a Jellycat twist

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More About Jellycat

Jellycat has since 1999 been renowned for producing humorous, original and innovative soft toys that stand out from the rest. The appeal of Jellycat toys is their combination of luxurious fabrics with cute designs.
We stock a wide range of Jellycat amuseables such as Jellycat dragons, Jellycat dinosaurs, Jellycat teddies, Jellycat Elephants, and many more.

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