Mindful Mixology

Memories of Piña Coladas on the beach, Espresso Martini’s on a Friday night, or frozen margaritas…..mmmm, frozen margarita.

Yep, it’s safe to say we all love a cocktail. The thing is, we’ve had enough of those sugar hangovers that seem to go hand-in-hand with our favourite drinks. Why is that? Well, because your average Espresso Martini contains more sugar in it than Coco-Cola, that’s why.

And so…Mindful Mixology was born!

Mindful Mixology at Jarrold Store Folk

About Mindful Mixology

Mindful Mixology, created by drinks industry expert Danni, was launched in 2020 from a small kitchen in North Norfolk. They make bar quality cocktails that are lower in sugar, with beneficial ingredients such as organic coconut blossom and chamomile, and packaged in beautiful gift boxes delivered straight to your door.

Each 250ml bottle contains 2 large servings and is designed to simply pour-and-serve, making them perfect gifts for those who enjoy a tasty tipple without the faff.

The brand was created when Danni fell ill, and as a result had to watch what she consumed, avoiding refined sugars in particular. She was shocked to realise that the classic cocktails we all love are actually filled with sugar; did you know the average Espresso Martini contains more sugar than Coca-Cola?

After searching for products on the market, she realised quickly that there was a gap that needed filling.

And so, Mindful Mixology was born! With a range of expertly crafted cocktails all containing significantly less or zero sugar by using natural alternatives such as stevia or organic agave.

They have a range of non-alcoholic cocktails available, as well as beautiful copper cocktail equipment.

  • Mindful in that everything is recyclable or compostable, and plastic-free.
  • Mindful in that they donate money from each box to charity.
  • Mindful in that they are vegan-friendly.
  • Mindful in that they support local brands.
  • And mindful in the fact that they have cocktails that are better for you than the norm.
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