The Retreat Beauty Treatment Price List

Find a price list for the range of holistic and sensory experiences in the Retreat Day Spa, our luxurious suite of treatment rooms.



Decléor Facials

Decléor's holistic approach offers the ultimate aromatherapy experience by combining nature's purest and most potent active ingredients.  This weill deliver targeted, proven skicarte solutions for each skin type.


Aromatherapy Discovery Facial

The instant skin pick me up facial if you're short on time.  This facial includes a revitalising massage with essential oils and a gentle polish to wake-up tired skin leaving it fresh and radiant.

30 minutes £30


Reset & Revitalize

Press the reset button with the ultra-nourishing facial that will release tension and leave even the driest of skins feeling supremely moisturised and supple.

1 hour £50


Quench & Protect

Super-hydrating and able to quench even the thirstiest of skins, avoid dull and dehydrated skin with this deeply moisturising treatment.  A nutrient-rich mask drenches the skin leaving the complexion rehydrated and supple.

1 hour 15 mintues £60


Cocoon & Repair

Say goodbye to dry flaky skin with our ultra-nourishing facial which deeply soothes, restores and renews skin.  Even the driest skin is left supremely supple, comfortable and satin-smooth.

1 hour 15 minutes £60

Reset & Strengthen

This intensely soothing treatment instantly relieves the skin by acting like a comfort blanket. Perfect for sensitive skins that wish for a cool, calm rejuvenated facial.

1 hour 15 minutes £60


Smooth & Glow

This facial is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants. Your therapist will use a vitamin mask to softly cocoon skin, providing the perfect environment for it to flourish.  Skin is left deeply cleansed, perfectly replenished and glowing with vitality.

1 hour 15 minutes £65


Plump & Lift

Your therapist will use specialist techniques coupled with a Lavender fine essential oil to achieve a smoothed, firmed and luminous complexion.  Your skin will have a visibly lifted appearance with an improved shape and definition.

1 hour 15 minutes £75


Sculpt & Rejuvenate

This facial has been created to deliver a natural lift to the face, helping reshape the contours of the face with a re-cushioning effect.  Lines and wrinkles appear smoother with an overall glowing rosy youthfulness to the skin.

1 hour 15 minutes £75


Decléor Body Treatmemts

Recharge with the power of aromatherapy, harmonising skin - body - mind with nature to tackle the effect of urban life. 


Relax & De-stress Aromatherapy Massage

Heavenly full body aromatherapy treatments. Relax, refine, tone or stimulate with one of these tension releasing, holistic treatments. Stresses and strains blissfully melt away and skin is left revitalised and velvety.

Back, neck and shoulders 30 miniutes £30 •  Full body 1 hour £55


Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage

Divine heated stones relax away muscle tension and strains.  Stimulate energy flow while soothing body and mind with this heavenly massage using the warmth of the heated stones to ease every tension.

30 minutes £35 • 1 hour £60


Reshape & Slim Massage

A tailor-made body shaping ritual for lasting skin transformation.  A new approach to body sculpting with this shaping ritual completely bespoke to your needs - thanks to a fusion of essential oils and plant oils, freshly blended by your therapist.

1 hour £60


Deep Tissue Muscle Energiser Massage

Banishes tight muscles with deeply theraputic massage techniques.  Pure relaxation to allieviate deep down stress and release the discomfornt of aching muscles, leaving your mind calm and your muscles soothed.

30 minutes £30 • 1 hour £55

Recover & Release Tensions Bamboo Massage

Relieve your daily stresses and tiredness with this deep tissue massage using natural bamboo and deep pressures to accentuate the massage effects and instantly relieve muscle tensions

30 minutes £35 • 1 hour £60


Baby on Board Face & Body Treatment

Safe and nurturing pregnancy ritual, suitable for pregnancies over 12 weeks.  Relax while your highly trained therapist safely and gently treats your tummy, legs and face to help reduce the risk of stretch marks and "heavy legs", and brightens skin.

1 hour 15 minutes £65


Tranquility Scalp Massage

Intensively relaxes to ease tension and aid sleep.  A de-stressing scalp treatment to banish tension and give a restful sleep.The power point massage uses Rosemary and Lavender essential oils to invigorate and calm, leaving a feeling of pure serenity.

30 minutes £30



Reflexology is a non-invasive holistic touch therapy that is performed on the feet.  The treatment works on the principle that the feet perfectly map the body, the nerve endings in the feet respond to the movements used during the treatment allowing the better functioning of all the organs and structure of the body.  Reflexology is a perfect treatment to ease symptoms of stress, anxiety and tension, leaving you with the feeling of relaxation and well-being.

1 hour £35


Dermalogica Skin Treatments

Redefining the "Spa Facial".  Healthy glowing skin, for life.


Pro Skin 30

Our customised facial treatment, on your time!  Targeting your key skin concern for maximum impact in minimum time, this treatment is a firm favourite with those who have just 30 minutes and want visible results.

30 minutes £30


Pro Skin 60

The ultimate experience, customized with advanced products, techniques and technology in an environment made for relaxation.  Completely personalized to your skin and different every time.

1 hour £55

Pro Power Peel 30

An express 30 minute customised peel treatment to instantly rejuvenate and refresh skin.  Your therapist will create a personalised peel to target lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation or breakouts.

30 minutes £60


Pro Power Peel 60

This effective and customised 60 minute treatment combines the benefits of the Pro Power Peel 30 with additional advanced techniques and technologies.  This includes a customised masque, LED light therapy and relaxing massage to ensure your skin is left clear, smooth and glowing

1 hour £110



Waxing is not only one of the longest-lasting hair removal treatments, lasting up to 6 weeks, but also leaves skin feeling much smoother than shaving as it pulls the hair right out from the root. Here at The Retreat in Norwich we use warm wax with strips to leave the area feeling silky, soft and smooth.


1/2 Leg


Full Leg


1/2 Leg & Bikini


Full Leg & Bikini








Lip & Chin






Underarms & Bikini


High Bikini






The Works 1

(Underarm, 1/2 Leg and Bikini) £36

The Works 2

(Underarm, Full Leg and Bikini) £42


Sienna-X Spray Tanning

Enjoy a sun-kissed glow whatever the weather, with the leading sunless tanning brand.


Full body



OPI Nail Treatments

Transform your hands and feet with our expert's touch



OPI Express Manicure

A quick ‘file & polish’ for those in a rush.

20 minutes £15


OPI Signature Manicure

Experience the Pro Spa products combined with a relaxing massage, acupressure and finished with the nail polish of your choice.

30 minutes £23


OPI Pamper Manicure

A luxurious and indulgent manicure with exfoliation, moisture and massage plus accupressure to reduce stress and relive tension.  Finished with the nail polish of your choice.

45 minutes £30


OPI Express Pedicure

A speedy treatment for the feet with polish.

30 minutes £20


OPI Signature Pedicure

Experience the Pro Spa products to soak, exfoliate and smooth your feet, combined with a hydrating massage and accupressure techniques.  Finished with the nail polish of your choice.

45 minutes £30


OPI Pamper Pedicure

Allow your feet to feel sumptuous! Feet are soothed, exfoliated, softened and hydrated with a soothing mask for the ultimate treat.  Followed with an extended massage and accupressure to reduce stress and relieve tension.  Finished with the nail polish of your choice.

1 hour £35


OPI Gel Nails

Glossy, hard wearing gel ovelay, available in many of your favourite OPI lacquer shades.  Up to 2 weeks of flawless colour and wear.  Provides strong natural nail protection with a high gloss shine.




1 hour £32



1 hour 15 minutes £40


Manicure & Pedicure

2 hours 15 minutes £65


Gel Soak-Offs

This service is for OPI gel removal only or other soft gels.  Please consult with a therapist prior to booking.


French Manicure or Pedicure

add £5


Nail Art

£1.50 per nail


Men's Treatments

Men need pampering too.  So with that in mind, our crafted list of grooming treatments are aimed and designed to cater for male concerns.



Includes cuticle care and nail shaping.

30 minutes £23



Includes cuticle care and nail shaping.

30 minutes £27


Decléor Perform & Energise Skin Facial

Tailored to suit all skin types, this hard-working facial leaves skin energised, rebalanced and looking healthy.

30 minutes £30


Decléor Deep Tissue Back & Shoulder Massage

This targeted treatment focused on releasing tension in the back, shoulders and body.  A powerful deep tissue massage intensely de-stresses to actively revitalise the mind and body

30 minutes £30


Decléor Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

An individually tailored full-body massage, designed to balance the body while removing any areas of tension and stress.  Re-charges the mind, leaving mind and body ready to go again.

1 hour £55


Groom To Be

OPI signature manicure, Decléor perform and energise skin facial and Decléor deep tissue back and shoulder massage.

2 hours £70


Back Wax



Chest Wax



Back & Chest Wax



Eyebrow Wax



Spray Tanning



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Prices correct at Monday 9 March 2020.  Subject to availability.  Jarrold reserves the right to alter prices and specficiations at any time.

Treatments for your body cancellation policy - A minimum of 24 hours notice is required or 50% of treatment price will be charged.  Beauty treatment packages timings specified as a guide for your convenience.  Please bring open toe shoes for pedicure treatments.  50% deposit required for booked packages - non refundable.

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