ZooFun and Games at The Zoo by Kevin Price and Vicky Fieldhouse

RRP £5.99

Fun and Games at the Zoo is the latest delightful children’s picture book from local author Kevin Price.

Maisie and Bertie join the animals at the zoo for their Fun Day in this fun, rhyming and educational story, the follow up to 2010's successful 'The Beauty Contest at the Zoo'. Children can join in with the animal's games. Will they race with the cheetah or roar with the lion? And can they find and count the chipmunks that are hiding on each page?

Each sale of this book supports the work of the World Land Trust, which strives to retain safe habitats for animals in the wild.

BruceBruce by Peter Ames Carlin

RRP £20

After 3 decades of groundbreaking music Bruce Springsteen still manages to amaze audiences around the world with his live shows and bring new fans to his music with every album release. Highly acclaimed music critic Peter Carlin tracks the Boss's dazzling ascent to fame, whilst painting a vivid portrait of the real Springsteen: an insistently private man who nevertheless would do anything for his fans. With unprecedented access to Springsteen, his family, friends and management, Carlin presents a riveting and highly personal account of Springsteen's life. Having vowed he wouldn’t participate, Springsteen changed his mind and campaigned for Obama in the recent Presidential Election – perhaps his eloquence made the difference in that tight race for the White House.

CelebrateCelebrate by Pippa Middleton

RRP £25 Jarrold price £20

Celebrate by Pippa Middleton is a fully illustrated and beautifully designed book packed with recipes, crafts and inspirational ideas.Beginning with autumn and ending with summer, Celebrate is a one-stop guide to entertaining throughout the British year. It contains a myriad of personal tips, favourite recipes and useful decorating ideas. Practical but full of fun, it guides readers through the planning stages to the events themselves, from Christmas and Easter to a show-stopping New Year's Eve and from children's parties, family birthdays, lazy weekend brunches and picnics on the beach to a quiet supper at home with friends. In Celebrate, Pippa Middleton provides easy and affordable ideas for a successful celebration and offers charming and little-known facts and historical anecdotes for each occasion.

HorologiconThe Horologicon: A Day's Jaunt Through The Lost Words Of The English Language by Mark Forsyth

RRP £12.99 Jarrold price £9.99

Picked by UK independent booksellers as their top bestseller tip this autumn 'The Horologicon' is Mark Forsyth's follow-up to last year's surprise hit 'The Etymologicon'. The book gives you the most extraordinary words in the English language, arranged according to the hour of the day when you really need them. Do you wake up feeling rough? Then you're philogrobolized. Pretending to work? That's fudgelling, which may lead to rizzling if you feel sleepy after lunch, though by dinner time you will have become a sparkling deipnosophist. This is a book of weird words for familiar situations. From ante-jentacular to snudge by way of quafftide and wamblecropt, at last you can say, with utter accuracy, exactly what you mean.

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