Sapphire Frills

Hand craft lightweight, statement earrings from VEGAN polymer clay making every single one a delightfully unique piece of jewellery. 

About Sapphire Frills


Sapphire Frills is a handmade jewellery brand based in Norwich, Norfolk.

My name is Sapphire and I am the designer and maker of all things Sapphire Frills! I hand craft lightweight, statement earrings from polymer clay. I run my small business full time from my house in Norwich, with my sister. Each piece is designed by myself and is handmade in small batches of around 6-15 pairs, making every single one a delightfully unique piece of jewellery.

I launched Sapphire Frills in April 2019 and I can honestly say I’ve never looked back. My Mum and Sister have been the guinea pigs for my designs, trialling and testing them continuously, to make sure that every pair is perfect for you!


Sapphire Frill's Story 

My earrings are full of character and aim to dress up any outfit with a statement. I wanted to create earrings not found on the high street, completely unique and one-of-a-kind.

My Mum and Sister both have a problem with wearing standard costume jewellery because most of it doesn't have a sterling silver earring post and back. This is why I wanted to start Sapphire Frills, to make sure that no one would miss out on a stylish accessory (or 10) that they loved!

I have sold thousands of handmade clay earrings via my website, Etsy shop, at markets and to various stockists all over the country. I have had many repeat customers who share their beautiful purchases and experiences all over social media.

It is the most rewarding part of my job and the reason why I began Sapphire Frills, simply to make people happy.

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