Robert Welch

Renowned for its elegant yet functional range of superior stainless steel cutlery, Robert Welch provides a touch of style to everyday dining.

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Robert Welch cutlery has for over 50 years been renowned for its exquisite yet functional designs using stainless steel. Every Robert Welch cutlery design evolves from a rigorous process that examines the function, durability and the ease of use of each product as well as its potential manufacture. Robert Welch designers aim for timeless beauty rather than just follow fashion, and since all Robert Welch cutlery is created and designed by its small team in the Cotswolds the personal touch is still maintained. Robert Welch cutlery has picked up many awards over the years and was a pioneer in the use of stainless steel in the UK. The signature knife range, some of which you can find in our Norwich store, was in 2010 rated in the top 1% of all brand knives for initial sharpness and edge retention. The customers of Robert Welch cutlery which include 10 Downing Street and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh speak for the high quality and exclusivity of Robert Welch products. We stock a wide range of Robert Welch cutlery in our Norwich store including steak knives, pie servers, as well as Robert Welch cutlery sets.

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