Paco Rabanne

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As a fashion, accessories and fragrance designer, Paco Rabanne has made an imprint of minds and influenced trends of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Excess, audacity, innovation are the values which have built this brand identity with its unique positioning, a positioning defined as "the Daring Attitude". In 1968, soon after his much noticed arrival in the fashion world, Paco Rabanne embarked on an adventure that was going to have a brilliant future: fragrances. In 1969, he launched its first fragrance for women, 'Calandre'. The fragrance saga written by Paco Rabanne rapidly became an international success...with the launch of 'Paco Rabanne Pour Homme', 'XS', 'Ultraviolet', 'Black XS', 'Black XS for Her', '1 Million' and most recently 'Lady Million', all reflecting the talents of the designer, always at the cutting edge of trends: anti-conformism, design and innovation.

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