Little Hotdog Watson 

Emma Watson founded Little Hotdog Watson after her first family summer holiday. She realised the hat market was lacking great protective hats and using her background in design and product development she decided to do something about it. Emma lives in Norwich with her two children and designs the hats inspired by her family and their adventures.

About Little Hotdog Watson 

Little Hotdog Watson was born out of a mum’s frustration on a family trip. Today, we’re driven by a passion to protect curious minds while encouraging boatloads of fun & adventure.

Our mission is to make the best kids hats in the whole world. We create high-quality, responsibly-made kidswear designed to give parents and grandparents peace of mind, and made to be worn with a bit of attitude. You’ll never need another hat for your little adventurers.

Our hats do more than sit pretty, they are jam-packed with the latest innovations and carefully constructed to create hats that are loved and handed down.

Winners of Best  News Kidswear Brand and featured in The Guardian, Grazia and the EDP.


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