Oxnead 1654-1656 by David Yaxley

Oxnead 1654-1656 by David Yaxley
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Accounts of Oxnead Hall, Home of Sir William Paston by David Yaxley
Edited and analysed by David Yaxley

The hero of this book is Sir William Paston’s steward, Bernard Dickinson, who kept his accounts so meticulously, during, and probably before and after, the years 1654-1656. He recorded daily ‘disbursements’ on food and domestic supplies and ‘receipts’ from sales of wool, grain, timber and livestock. These wonderful accounts show how, with careful management, a large estate could continue to function in the troubled days of the Commonwealth.
The author’s exhaustive analysis of these accounts presents us with a wonderful picture of seventeenth century life in a wealthy household and of its connections with the surrounding villages.

Publisher: Larks Press
ISBN: 97819040006752