Lubin Galaad EDP Spray 100ml

Lubin Galaad EDP Spray 100ml
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A heart of myrrh is topped with spices that bring out refreshing head notes (cardamom), and sustained by aromatic base notes (rosemary, cypress). The base is cool leather with wood and tobacco (blond tobacco, Atlas cedar, agar oud). Delphine Thierry, who created Galaad, invites us to a tranquil morning ride in the mountains of the Middle East, when the scents of myrrh bushes blend with cypress resins and the woody fragrance of cedars. The leather of saddle and gloves gently warm up in the first rays of sun, while the little Arab horse snorts amidst the morning dew that has settled on Judean balsam trees and on the vines climbing along the mountain slopes of Galaad.

Head: Cardamom, cypress, rosemary
Heart: Essence of myrrh & absolute, honey, copahu balm
Base: Agar oud, Atlas cedar, cipriol, blond Burley tobacco