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Anna Newton takes time out of her busy schedule to talk about her new book at Jarrold. 

Hot on the heels of the launch of her new book ‘An Edited Life’, UK based content creator, co-host of the podcast ‘At Home With’ and Youtuber Anna Newton comes to Jarrold to talk about how to organise your life. We caught up with her to find out more about her three favourite subjects – fashion, beauty and lifestyle.


We know you’re dedicated to your capsule wardrobe, so if you could suggest 3 items that everyone needs in their wardrobe, what would they be?

Everyone is going to be difficult, but my essentials would include a pair of high-waist straight leg jeans – I basically wear them every day! A pair of animal print almond toe boots, because they really help to jazz up my wardrobe which consists mostly of basics. And a black silk camisole, which is so simple but is my most worn item during the summer.

For those looking to streamline their wardrobe but have no idea where to start, what is the first step to take?

The first step is to get everything out – pile it all on the bed! The act of seeing all your clothing in one place will help to kickstart a declutter and it’s difficult to ignore. Make sure you have some time set aside to tackle it so that it isn’t rushed and if you struggle to part with things, have a mate on hand that can help you to work out what you need and love and what it’s time to say goodbye to.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

I find so much inspiration on Instagram. I try and make the scrolling slightly more productive by saving photos where I love the styling, or featuring pieces that I own already but worn in a way that I’d never thought of before. That way whenever I’m struggling for outfit ideas I have my own mood board at my fingertips.

Do you think trends are worth investing in?

It really depends on the trend. Have a think about whether it’s something that’s always been a core in your wardrobe, or if you think it’s something that you’ll be over in a couple of years’ time. For instance leopard print is huge this season, but I’ve loved it since I was 18! So although buying a faux fur leopard print jacket might seem like a trend-led purchase for one, it isn’t for me. Invest in items you feel you’ll be wearing for years and try and look for more budget-friendly alternatives if you think that might not be the case.


What are the items you just can’t be without in your makeup bag?

I just adore MAC Yash – it’s a peachy nude lipstick that’s become my favourite shade to wear over the past six months. Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Away Concealer is special too; such an incredible formula in that it’s a medium coverage concealer, but it doesn’t cake or bunch up under the eyes at all. I enjoy using cream eyeshadows all year round and the CHANEL Ombre Premieres are some of the best that I’ve tried. Memory makes for a stunning bronze shade – just sweep it all over the lid and pair with mascara (I like Lancome's Hypnose Doll Eyes).  

If we were to see inside your handbag now, what makeup items would we be bound to find?

I don’t carry too much makeup around with me, but you will find approximately 34 lip balms! Right now I’m really enjoying the Clinique Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment.

Favourite summer scent?

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess will forever have a place in my heart. It’s a beach holiday in a bottle – so special!

Summer skincare staple?

The Clarins Instant Bronze Self Tanning. It’s such a great product that I’ve used for about six years now. It’s a light milk that you can apply as the last step of your skincare routine, or mix in with a serum and it leaves such a lovely warm glow to the face that’s never too obvious, or streaky.


We love your book An Edited Life, but for those who have yet to pick it up, what’s the book about?

It’s a life organisation manual to cherry-pick from that covers all aspects of decluttering across your life, work and home. Think of it like advice from your super organised mate. It’s certainly not a rule-book and is fully customisable to you and your needs. Hopefully by incorporate some of the ideas of An Edited Life, you’ll have more space mentally and physically to do the things that ultimately you enjoy the most.

You are a #girlboss and seem to always be on the move doing something amazing! What keeps you so grounded?

Thank you! I’m very lucky to be surrounded by friends and family who are so supportive, but at the same time treat my job like they do everyone else’s. The only time they are really interested is when they need a new mascara!

What do you do to relax, decompress and reset yourself?

It’s a classic, but I love a good bath. I add in as many salts and oils as I can and soak for as long as I can handle, while reading a book. Throw in a candle and that’s my heaven right there.

If you could only follow three Instagram accounts (excluding family), who would they be and why?

I love Erica Davies account for fashion and interior inspiration. I love her Sunday styling sessions where you demos new way to wear clothing that you probably have hanging up in your wardrobe already.

Katie Jane Hughes is a brilliant makeup artist, which specialises in dewy skin which I am all about! Her Instagram lives are so relaxing and great to watch while you’re getting ready.

Nordic Style Report, an account that collates the best of skandi style. Expect monochrome, a load of denim and chic tailoring. I always go there to find ideas for new outfits whenever I’m a bit stuck.

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An Edited Life, By Anna Newton is available from the Jarrold book department on the lower ground, or online.

You can read more in the SS19 edition of the Jarrold Fashion Edit magazine out at the end of February – watch this space!

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