Team Jarrold at Run Norwich: Executive Chef, Nick Harris's Story

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you stories from our colleagues taking part in the Run Norwich 10K this summer. Whether you have got a place at this year’s Run Norwich 10K or you are wanting to improve your fitness this year, hopefully these stories will give you a little inspiration.

Jarrold Intersport are delighted to once again be the Official Retail Partner for Run Norwich, so much so that this year we are entering a Jarrold team. Over the next few weeks we will be introducing the members of this team, sharing their stories and following their progress to race day. Team Jarrold are raising money through sponsorship for the Jarrold 250 Charity Initiative supporting The Big C, The Princes Trust and the EACH Nook Appeal.

Run Norwich takes place on Sunday 21 July 2019 and is an award-winning 10-kilometre road race, organised by the Norwich City FC Community Sports Foundation (CSF). The run takes place in the heart of Norwich’s beautiful and historic city centre, passing some of the city’s most iconic landmarks including Norwich Castle, The Forum, Norwich Cathedral, and many more.

All 7500 places have sold out.


Executive Chef, Nick Harris's Story:

Good nutrition is just as important as a supportive pair of shoes when running. We therefore decided to catch up with Executive Chef and member of Team Jarrold Nick Harris, to find out more about how he plans to take on Run Norwich 2019.


What is your connection to Jarrold?

I am the Executive Chef at Jarrold and so I’m in charge of all the restaurants and cafes here at the main store.


Why are you taking part in Run Norwich 2019?

To beat our Trading Director Tim Shattock! Seriously though, I like to keep fit and running the Norwich 10K with Team Jarrold is a great way of keeping my fitness levels up, and it’s good to be part of a team.


Do you have any running experience?

I have been running since I was a kid, and at school I was very sporty and played rugby for the county. Then when I worked as a chef in London I did the London Triathlon, until I dislocated my back! It wasn’t until last year that I could finally run again. I did the Norwich 10K last summer with no training, so am hoping that this year I can do it in a much better time!


What is your training plan like this year?

I go for a run as often as I can, and I mix my training up with tennis and golf. I also go to the Jarrold Run Club, which is a great way to stay motivated.


What has been your inspiration to run the race?

I’ve was actually inspired by our Trading Director Tim Shattock to run in this year’s Norwich 10K, and we have now got a bit of a competition going between us over who can do the race in the quickest time! Training for the 10K has inspired me to apply for the London Marathon next year.


Have you faced any challenges? How do you plan to overcome them?

I guess the main challenge is finding the motivation to run. I live out in the sticks so when it is nice and sunny it’s great, but when it is rainy it is less appealing and I have to really talk myself into going out. I have also pulled my Achilles, so I need to be careful when training so that I can heal and strengthen before the big race this summer.


As a chef, what’s your advice on the best nutrition for runners before and after the Norwich 10k?

They say you are what you eat, but eating runner beans will not make you a good runner! Good nutrition is important when you are training and is paramount on the day of the race. Before the race, it’s important to eat slow release carbs such as porridge, around three or four hours before the race. Then one hour before have a snack such as a glucose bar or a banana. After the race it’s important to eat within the first hour to replenish lost energy.

As you train for the Norwich 10k it’s important to keep drinking water to stay hydrated. Taking in water as you train prepares your body for running. If you suddenly take on lots of water on the day of the race it can impede your performance.

Follow Team Jarrold as they work, train and inspire each other on the road to the Run Norwich 10k on Sunday 21 July right here on the Jarrold Edit, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @JarroldIntersport

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