Staff Charity Challenge

Bags Make Money for Big C

Donation: £2,000


At the start of its 35th anniversary year, Big C has its first £2,000 in the bag and the promise of more to come - all thanks to Jarrold Staff Charity Challenge.

Jarrolds decided to donate the 5p from all sales of its plastic bags to Norfolk’s Big C Cancer Charity, when the Government introduced now legislation back in October, until the end of the year. But in light of 2016 being big C’s 35th anniversary year, the kind-hearted retailer has pledged that all donations for the entire year will be given to supporting the work of Big C and cancer patients throughout Norfolk and Waveney Valley area.

Pictured is marketing manager Carole Slaughter, together with Jarrold’s charity co-ordinator Suzie Abel presenting the cheque to Dr Chris Bushby, Big C’s chief executive at the launch event to celebrate the year.

““Plastic carrier bag usage has of course dropped. Many customers now bring their own bags, others will say no to a plastic bag but some continue to use and pay 5p. We had no idea how the usage would change  or how much we would be able to donate when the charge started in October, but are delighted to be handing over this cheque for £2,000,” said Mrs Slaughter.

Dr Chris Bushby said:” We are extremely grateful to Jarrolds and its customers for their support and delighted they have chosen to help the region’s cancer patients with the pledge for this year’s 5p donations for plastic bags.”

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