Regis Hair Salon Restyled


 Regis gets restyled


We are pleased to reveal to you the brand new, restyled Regis Hair Salon situated on Floor 2. As many of you are already aware, Regis have been with us a few years now, but we felt it was time for an update. We changed the whole look of the salon, with new coloured walls, fixtures and flooring. We feel it looks as modern as ever and corresponds perfectly with our soon-to-be brand new fashion floor. 

The latest cuts, colour, perms, texturizing and finishing services tailored to fit your needs, from one of the top names in UK hair styling. Regis want you to realise that having a great hair day is not just available to the celebrities, it can be yours.

So, come and meet the Regis team today who will help you find a look you love and introduce you to our beautiful new salon. Here's a sneak peek... 




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