New Season Ladies Fitness Clothing

New Season Ladies Fitness Clothing at Pilch

Outfit 1Outfit 1

Emily is wearing a range of great value Protouch running gear. The Protouch Elody T shirt is made from a highly wicking fabric which is designed to keep you comfortable by keeping any moisture away from the skin and a great price at £22.00. Emily has paired this with the matching Protouch Emanuelle Capri Trousers, also £22.00.

Emily said they were “extremely comfortable.”  

Emily's footwear is the Adidas Women's Revenge Mesh trainers (£85)

Outfit 2

Emily then hit the cycling machine in the latest Nike training wear. She is wearing a Nike Training Bra (£22) under a Nike Womens Pro Vest (£18). Emily liked the fabric and fit of the Bra and Vest. This was paired with Nike leggings and trainers.

Outfit 2Outfit 3

Outfit 3

The second outfit Emily is wearing is from RonHill. A British brand with over 40 years history in running and fitness clothing. The Ronhill Aspiration T-shirt (£25) is 100% polyester and uses Vapourlite technology for excellent moisture control. This is paired with the Ronhill Twin Trail Shorts (£36) which have a stretch outer short over a supportive inner short. Emily particularly liked the fact these shorts had a concealed pocket which was big enough for an MP3 player.

Prices and availability checked 28 March 2014

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