Linda Anne Atterton Book Launch

Thursday 25 May

We were joined by local author, Lina Anne Atterton as she launched her debut book with us, Running on Sand.

There was a great turnout with the audience consisting of many friends and family of the author as well as invited guests. Linda was joined on stage by Dave (pictured) who discussed the release of her book, what inspired the story and Linda gave a short reading of a passage from Running on Sand by Linda. All then rounded off with a book signing at the end.

About the book…

Imagine your worst nightmare. When it happens it is something you never could have imagined. You can't wake up relieved it wasn't real. You can pretend it isn't really happening not pretend it hasn't happened.

Ask Grace to draw her house and she will draw it almost falling down, it will look like cardboard. There will be no garden. In its place will be the sea. There will never be sun. Ask her to draw a person she will never draw herself, she will draw her brother, draw the one who matters most. She will draw a person she was never meant to fall in love with. Life does not deal in what is meant to happen, only in what does. You must play the cards you draw, draw the story of your life the way it goes. The monsters will be real, the nightmares will come true. All you have to fight them is yourself.  The only path to take is the one you draw in sand, the only place to hide is the sea. But if life is a story magic must be real as well. Grace will find the one true spell is love.

Purchase your own copy of the book in store, in our Book Department, lower ground.

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