Q and A with Fimo artist Shelly Woodruff


It's the finale of the Jarrold Festival of Colour this weekend. On Saturday Fimo expert Shelly Woodruff will be instore at the Art and Stationers on Exchange Street to demonstrate Fimo techniques, so we grabbed five minutes with her

What's happening instore on Saturday?

I'm hoping to demo techniques such as Skinner blends, mica shift, canes and Mokume Gane as well as a few sculptures and beads.


When did you start working with Fimo?

I took up sculpting with Fimo about 13 years ago. I needed to do something creative and Fimo was perfect.


What's the best thing about working with Fimo?

The beauty of Fimo is that it's limitless. You can create ANYTHING, from sculptures to jewellery to cake toppers.....limitless! I have to say the best thing about Fimo is its versatility. You can blend colours to create new ones, add glitter and mica powders for different looks and then there's all these clever techniques to learn too.


What are the challenges of working with Fimo?

There always seems to be a new technique to learn and I'm always striving to improve my work, but the biggest challenge is definitely not having enough time to make everything that's whizzing around in my head.


What is your favourite thing to make using Fimo?

It's really difficult to pinpoint my favourite thing to make, I love it all but I think my Fairy Dolls may just have the edge.


What are you working on next?

I always keep a sketchbook of ideas and this year I'll be working on griffins, witch dolls and purrmaids (cat mermaids).

Shelly will be giving a Fimo demonstration instore at the Art and Stationers on Exchange Street on Saturday July 15. The event is free.

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