Jarrold loves...Mr Harebean


He is the star of a local children’s book launched in the Jarrold book department last summer and now Mr Harebean has been revealed as the Jarrold GoGoHare for the trail in June 2018.

The countdown is on to Break’s GoGoHare trail this summer and over the past few weeks there have been many hare reveals across Norwich – including the Jarrold GoGoHare.

Mr Harebean arrived at the Jarrold book department under a red cloth where he had to wait quite a while trying not to make any noise! Created by Norwich artist and author Sally Adams, Mr Harebean was revealed by Sally and Michelle Jarrold to a cheering crowd.


"Shhhhhh! I need to keep quiet," said Mr Harebean.


"Tah dah! Don't I look dapper?"


"Hare is my creator Ms Sally Adams - isn't she the best!"

You may recognise Mr Harebean as he is the star of a children’s book launched last summer. The book tells the tale of Mr Harebean and his suit, an adventure that see’s the dapper hare wanting to always dress different. We are sure that he will be able to find a whole new wardrobe in the Jarrold menswear department!

Mr Harebean has gone into hiding again at a top secret location until the GoGoHare trail starts on 24 June, in the meantime catch up with his adventures in his book available now from the Jarrold book department.


Mr Harebean and His Suit

By Sally Adams


All proceeds from the book go to the charity Break

Available instore, lower ground floor

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