Guest post: The Plant Den


It all started with a small cactus bought from a car boot sale for £1. This humble cacti was bought by Roscoe Gibson and Michelle Clingnan, houseplants enthusiasts, and the idea for local, independent business The Plant Den was born.

If you haven’t popped into The Plant Den yet, it’s definitely worth a look. Situated at the bottom of Bedford Street staircase next to the Deli and Wine Bar, and The Exchange, this wonderful haven of cacti and houseplants is housed in a space no bigger than a garden shed – but trust us, it will want you to bring the outside in this summer with a selection of plants. Co-owner Roscoe tells us more…

The new trend for indoor gardening is rising all the time. People in flats or apartments who don't have gardens, and people with busy lives, can create stunning indoor landscapes and enjoy greenery in the home. It's both relaxing and energising to see your plants thrive, and for some of us it becomes a bit of an addiction.

The idea behind The Plant Den is to help you do just that – create a tranquil space in your home or workplace. Whether you want one plant to brighten up a corner of a room, or on your desk at work; or many to create an indoor oasis we can help you find the right plants. Michelle has over ten years of retail experience and I have a background in landscape gardening, and we are passionate about houseplants!

Our plants are varied and interesting and we pride ourselves on sourcing only the best stock. We also take special requests. If there is a particular plant that you are searching for, for your collection, we will do our best to find it for you.

Come and visit The Plant Den on the lower ground floor at the bottom of Bedford Street stairs.

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