About the Gait Analysis Service

So, what is gait analysis?

Simply put, we will all fall into 3 running styles:

Neutral: foot stays up right

Over-pronation: foot collapses to the ‘inside’

Supination/Under-pronation: foot stays on the ‘outside’ edge

Gait analysis is determining which style you are and whether you over-pronate or not, as this will impact what type of shoe is best for you.

How do you do it?

We do this by videoing your gait (stride) on a treadmill and then replaying the action in slow motion, looking at how your feet, ankle and legs move though the running motion.

Depending on what your style is (see above) and what your needs are, we will then guide you through a range of shoes that are the most suitable for you.  Each shoe is then analysed on the treadmill, allowing you time to run in the shoe and also for us to check that the shoe is the best fit for you and your gait.

 Do I need to be able to use a treadmill?

For the best results, you do need to feel comfortable running on a treadmill, however we can do a manual assessment if required.  This involves us observing you completing some basic movements, such as squats and walking, to see how your feet, arches and ankles move.

Do I need any special kit or my own shoes?

We will always try and explain what we are doing in a clear and concise way and you can ask us as many questions as you want.

You don’t need any special kit but if you are wearing trousers, we will ask you to roll them up so we can see the movement in your ankle.  Clothes you are happy to run in for a short time will make the experience more enjoyable for you but aren’t essential. 

It can be useful to see your old running shoes, as this gives us an idea of what your gait is, by analysing the wear.  However we provide shoes for you to run in.  Initially, you will wear a pair of neutral shoes, then whichever shoes we feel would be suitable for you.


How do I choose the right shoe?

Once your gait style has been established, we will guide you through all the shoes that would meet your needs and be suitable for your running style.  We listen to your feedback on fit and feel for each shoe, as well as video each one to analysis which would be the most suitable for you, so you can make an informed choice.

How much does it cost?

Its free!

How long does it take and do I need to book?

No need to book as it done on a first come, first serve basis and depending on how many shoes you need to try, approx. 30 mins.

We do get busy in peak times so please be patient and we will be with you as soon as we can.


If you would like more information about our Gait Analysis service at Pilch Sports, please do not hesitate to give our team of experts a call on:  01603 697162


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