29 October 2016

Hundreds of eager Partridge fans came to meet Steve Coogan’s famous character as he returns home with his latest novel Alan Partridge: NOMAD.

We had fans queueing from 9am to meet Partridge, with the signing starting earlier than expected at 11.30am.
Mega fans even travelled as far as Leeds and Weymouth to welcome back Norfolk's favourite son!

Here a few of the crowds favourite Partridge quotes:

Michael and Sam - 'Jackanacanoori'

Matt - 'Monkey Tennis'

Susan - 'Ahhhaaaaaaa!!!'

About the book...

The deeply personal follow-up to Alan Partridge’s autobiography, I, PARTRIDGE, charting the highs, lows and mediums of Alan’s one-man walking tour around (certain parts of) Britain. In Alan Partridge: NOMAD, Alan dons his boots, windcheater and scarf and embarks on an odyssey through a place he once knew – it’s called Britain – intent on completing a journey of immense personal significance.

Diarising his ramble in the form of a ‘journey journal’, Alan details the people and places he encounters, ruminates on matters large and small and, on a final leg fraught with danger, becomes – not a man (because he was one to start off with) – but a better, more inspiring example of a man.

This deeply personal book is divided into chapters and has a colour photograph on the front cover. It is deeply personal.

Through witty vignettes, heavy essays and nod-inducing pieces of wisdom, Alan shines a light on the nooks of the nation and the crannies of himself, and in doing so challenges us to ask to some pretty profound questions. ‘Who are we?’ ‘Why are we here?’ And, quite simply, ‘How?’


About the Author...

Alan Partridge presents Mid-Morning Matters on North Norfolk Digital. Broadcaster, writer, motivational speaker, sports fan, thought-leader, businessman, and consummate professional, Alan enjoys bitter shandy, shandied lager, high-end knitwear and personal success. He is currently doing very well. 





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