10 Minute Workout for Women

Work your body to be the next formidable fitness star!

Take that female lead by toning your body in a short ten minute workout.  Feel healthy. Feel strong. Most of all feel GOOD.

Follow this for 3 weeks to maintain a well-toned, healthy looking body!

1. Starfish Stretch

Step 1 - Starfish Stretch

Step forward onto your right leg placing it at a right angle with your foot forward. Stretch your left leg out behind you, directing your foot to the side. Stretch one arm in front of you and one arm behind you. Hold for 30 seconds. Rest for 1 minute. Hold again for 30 seconds. 

2. Upper Body Raise

Step 2 - Upper Body Raise

With your legs and pelvis off the floor and feet together, extend through your toes as you look up, lifting your chest upwards. Keep arms straight and shoulders down with your shoulder blades pulled in and down. Elevate your head up and hold for 2 minutes.

3. Side Plank

Step 3 - Side Plank

Position your body to the side. Elevate your body whilst placing your legs side by side and position your right arm to the floor to hold your weight. Hold for 30 seconds. Rest for 1 minute. Repeat for 30 seconds again. 

4. Leg Raise

Step 4 - Leg Raise

Lay flat on your back. Place arms to the side ensuring they are flat to the floor. Bend your right leg; ensure foot is flat to the floor. Elevate your left leg pointing your foot up. Hold for 30 seconds. Rest for 1 minute. Repeat for 30 seconds again. 


Routine developed PiP Mahoney at The Gym. 

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