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It’s the drink of the moment and many varieties are made right here in Norfolk. Here’s our food expert Judith Finney’s guide to some of the best local gins

Peacheys Norfolk Dry Gin, available in-store from The Deli.





Adnams Copper House Dry Gin


About  Okay so it's not strictly made in Norfolk, but we have adopted this gin made just over the border at Southwold's Adnams with pleasure.  Distilled from East Anglian malted barley using handmade copper pot stills, this is a wonderfully flavoursome spirit. This smooth, rich spirit is then redistilled with six carefully chosen botanicals to impart their distinctive aromas and flavours.

Tasting notes Classic juniper with rich floral and citrus notes creates a unique flavour. Garnish with a generous slice of orange zest squeezed over the top of your glass, wiped around the rim and then add the peel to your glass.







Archangel Norfolk Gin



About One of the newest gins to The Deli, Archangel Gin is made near Castle Acre in Norfolk. A rich, full bodied gin, the spirit contains 13 botanticals including Norfolk juniper, sea buckthorn and angelica, and is also made with Walsingham water.

Tasting notes With a complex nose, the length of the palate is nothing short of epic, which is no surprise considering the extensive list of botanicals. Garnish with orange peel.






 Black Shuck Gin First Edition



About  The Legendary Spirit of Black Shuck is one of the oldest in English folklore. Black Shuck is the name given to a ghostly black dog that has roamed the Norfolk and Suffolk countryside for hundreds of years. According to folklore the demon black dog with huge flaming eyes haunts the lanes and footpaths particularly along the coastline. Some tales record Black Shuck as a protector or guide, other more sinister stories tell of a bad omen. However, you will be pleased to learn there is an antidote to the bad omen. A glass of any Black Shuck liqueur will fill you with enough good spirit to counteract any bad spirits.


Tasting notes Combining traditional botanicals such as juniper, coriander and bitter orange peel with Norfolk's lavender and sea buckthorn (which has a powerful punch),  this is a smooth, strong gin and is perfect served with a twist of orange or lemon.







Bullards Norwich Dry Gin



About Named best of its kind in the UK at the Worlds Drinks Awards, Bullards Norwich Dry Gin is one of the best. Distilled at the Ten Bells pub in Norwich, regular tours and tastings mean that you can experience the gin making process for yourself. 


Tasting notes Experimenting with the Tonka bean gives a hint of vanilla and marzipan, combined with the floral and spicy notes of cardamom and lavender. A smooth gin, made like to drink it straight, but if you do want a mixer, garnish with blood orange.







Norfolk Gin



About  Hand crafted and bottled in the fine city of Norwich. The uniquely flavoured Norfolk Gin is hand crafted in small batches infusing carefully selected botanicals. This fine artisan gin is then bottled, labelled and sealed by hand in its distinctive stone jars, each marked with its batch and bottle number.


Tasting notes Norfolk Gin has an irresistible flavour and a uniquely delicate green tint. Think fresh juniper aromas spiked with spice, citrus, some sweetness, herbal and floral scents. It's great on it's own, with tonic or why not try it with Fentiman's Pink Lemonade? 






St. Giles Gin



About  Hand-crafted in Norwich using a custom-made copper still,  St. Giles gin is an elegant blend of 11 exotic botanicals, including grains of paradise, rose petals and lemongrass. 


Tasting notes  Called the gin for taste explorers, this smooth and fruity gin has subtle citrus and floral notes which can be enjoyed on its own with ice, or with a splash of tonic and a twist of orange. 





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