How to make: Wedding Table Decorations


Fancy doing something a little different with your wedding decor? Our Arts & Crafts expert Alice shows you how to create some beautiful yet simple decorations to wow your guests! 



 What do I need? 

  • Ribbon - from 25p per metre
  • Tissue Paper - £2.00 per 8 sheets
  • Decopatch Glue - £4.20
  • Brushes - from £1.00
  • Double Sided Tape - from £1.00
  • Decopatch Sheets - £1.00
  • Glitter - from £1.25
  • Leather Trim - £2.50 per half metre


Here is the final look which we have put together


 .  Bird House

  1. Decopatch the Bird House (Please see 4 . for instructions)
  2. Take some glue dots and place on the top of the stem
  3. Twist two lengths of ribbon around the stem
  4. Secure by gluing at the bottom with Decopatch Glue
  5. To create the dropping ribbon, again place glue tops on the top
  6. Take 2 metres of ribbon, one end on the top of the pole
  7. Take the other end of the ribbon and place it under the base of the bird house and up again
  8. Repeat until you are happy with it
  9. Fasten on top with glue dot
  10. Secure the bird house on top of the pole using PVA Glue
  11. Once dried you can use Decopatch Glue to go over the ribbons at the base


.  Paper Pom Poms

  1. Take 6/7 sheets of tissue paper (already cut to size wanted)
  2. Fold them into a concertina 
  3. Fasten with an elastic band in the middle
  4. Cut curved edges on either end
  5. Gently tease sheets apart and then fluff up


.  Leather Tea light Holder/ Vase

  1. Cut trim to size needed
  2. Put around jar and fasten with a pin
  3. Weave thin ribbon in holes and tie ends together
  4. Once you have done the top and bottom, remove the pin.


.  Decopatched Numbers

  1. Cut or rip pieces of paper
  2. Apply some glue on the item
  3. Place paper onto glued patch
  4. Take brush with some glue on and go over the top
  5. Repeat until covered


.  Lace & Glitter Jars

  1. Place masking tape around the jar about 1/3 way up
  2. Use the Decopatch Glue around the bottom 
  3. Sprinkle glitter on the glued areas
  4. Leave to dry
  5. Once dry remove the tape
  6. Stick the decorative ribbons around the jar with double sided tape


.  Painted Jars

  1. Mix 1 part paint of your choice and 1 part Decopatch Glue
  2. Tip some into the jar and rotate around to give an even coverage
  3. Wait to dry
  4. With double sided tape, cut to a desirable length and do the same to a piece of ribbon of your choice
  5. Attach the tape to the ribbon and then stick around the jar


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