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Wild Knight Vodka at Jarrold

You now have two vodkas in your collection - the original Wild Knight and now Nelson's Gold. We have fallen in love with the taste of Nelson’s Gold - why did you come up with this particular flavoured vodka?

Our Wild Knight English Vodka is made from Norfolk barley and we wanted to combine this with another great example of our region's produce - sugar beet!

Sugar from East Anglian sugar beet is blended with Wild Knight to create Nelson's Gold. Before we launched, we did a little research into flavours and this pointed to caramel being really popular, and it's true, Nelson's Gold has been flying off the shelves! So much so, that our very first batch has sold out, but don't worry, we're distilling more.


Are there plans to launch more flavours?

Yes, we are working with a highly skilled flavour professional to fine-tune our flavour profiles. Watch this space...


We love the story of how your vodka journey began (for those who don’t know Matt and Steph’s vodka journey began in 2010 when Matt experienced the Mongolian way of consuming vodka, which plays a central role in daily social life, when at his brother’s wedding) - are you planning to bring the social custom of how the people of Mongolia consume their vodka to England?

It was an amazing experience to visit Mongolia and to observe the Mongolian lifestyle and traditions. While we wouldn't condone drinking vodka for breakfast, we can appreciate the differences in culture. If it wasn't for our trip to Mongolia, we might still be working on our non-alcoholic drink which we created in 2012. It was a little ahead of its time, but now supermarket shelves are stacked full of soft drinks for adults. We'll stick with our delicious English vodkas for now...


The name Wild Knight is quite English - why choose this name?

We wanted a name which encapsulated the pure spirit of England, while at the same time having a little fun with the dual meaning (knock off the 'K' and have a Wild Night!)


Can you talk us through the making/distilling of your vodka?

Our vodka is hand-made in small batches in copper pot stills. The ingredients are simply barley from the royal county of Norfolk in Eastern England, water and yeast. The water is filtered four times before being added to the ground barley. After fermentation, the liquid is distilled just once to create the finest vodka. A single distillation ensures that all the flavour and character of the barley is retained.

During distillation, only the purest heart of the vodka is retained for bottling. This ensures that all the headache-inducing elements and harsh flavours are eliminated without the need for further filtration - essential if you love to enjoy it as much as we do!


How do you recommend we consume your vodka?

We suggest both of our vodkas are sipped neat, over an ice cube. They also make the star ingredient in many cocktails.

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