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High Delights

As one of the newest suppliers to our Deli, High Delights cakes offer something for all tastes and we cannot get enough. Founder and baker Heidi Ollett shares a few of her baking secrets from her kitchen in Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk.

How did you get into baking and why?

I was brought up with homemade cakes and treats as my mum would make things every week for us to take to school in our lunch boxes. As a child, I loved to watch and help out whenever I could. My love of baking really took off when I got married and had a home of my own. I started baking just a few things each week but my passion soon grew and I was eventually producing more cakes and bakes than my husband and children could eat! I started trying out new recipes and sharing my creations with friends and family on the condition they gave me their honest opinions, so I could change things and improve them if necessary.


When did you set up High Delights?

High Delights Ltd was set up in April 2016. I had thought about starting a business for a long time but it felt like a big step. I work as an insurance consultant two days a week and have three young children, so my hands were already fairly full. I am so glad I went for it as I haven't looked back since.


As all your bakes are bespoke and handmade, you must be busy in the kitchen most of the time?

High Delights Ltd is just me, with my family and friends as taste testers. I am an early bird, so I am often up between 3-4am to start baking while the rest of the house sleeps. Everything is handmade, except the jams and curds. I would love to make these too if I had more time, but would need 48 hours in each day! Those things that I do buy are always of the best quality available as I truly feel this is reflected in the taste. I am always on the look out for new and exciting ingredients to incorporate into my baking as I love to experiment.

I have a huge selection of cake and baking books at home and I like to mix ideas from various recipes to create my own unique bakes. If ever I follow a recipe, I usually end up tweaking it a little to put my own stamp on it!


We LOVE your Mint Aero Rocky Road and we cannot believe that your chocolate brownies are gluten free – they taste so delicious! How do you make your bakes so moreish?

The Mint Aero Rocky Road is actually one of my newer bakes, but already it seems to be a big hit.

If I am honest, I struggle a little with gluten free baking. I am a perfectionist and often find gluten free cakes and bakes to be dry and lacking in something. My gluten free brownie is my success story - I spent many months perfecting the recipe and it has become a firm favourite with my friends and family.


How does it make you feel to have your cakes and treats stocked in our Deli?

Words cannot explain - I am over the moon! I have been shopping at Jarrold for many years as I love the vast range of local and unique items you have to offer, so I feel truly honoured to be a part of it all.


And finally, what is your favourite cake of all time?

That's a difficult question and the answer depends on my mood. I love anything chocolatey but cherry bakewell is also a favourite of mine. I have just made a Jaffa cake which my family all love.


The Deli currently stocks Heidi’s carrot cake, mint Aero rocky road, vanilla shortbread and gluten free chocolate brownies. Watch this space for new bakes in the future.


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