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Guest post: Godiva


Love chocolate? Godiva chocolate’s Chef Jean talks about treats for Halloween, Christmas and beyond.

It’s exciting news that Godiva is now available from the Jarrold Deli – what do you enjoy most about being the Chef for Godiva?

Godiva is an extraordinary playground for creative people like me. At Godiva we are constantly searching on how to push the boundaries of chocolate further and further each year. We are always looking to find the best balance between gastronomic trends, visual innovations that respects the Belgium tradition. Our wish is to constantly delight and fascinate our customers around the world.

So, can you tell us a little about your process for coming up with the excellent Godiva 2018 Christmas collection was? Where did you get your inspiration from?

This year we have been creating a collection inspired by desserts that are traditionally eaten at Christmas time. Such as almond cookies, pecan nuts pies, pears poached in a light vanilla syrup, dark chocolate truffle, all enrobed in premium Belgian chocolate. These little “slices” of heaven make our ultimate Holiday gift even more magical!

From the innovation pieces, which is your favourite flavour and why?

Easy, the pear and vanilla with dark chocolate. This chocolate has been inspired by the famous French dessert “Poire Belle Hélène”. It’s a classic re-invented.

And what makes this year different from previous years?

Every year has its own theme, which is what makes each year so exciting because it’s new. Last year the collection was inspired by “Petits Fours” and the year before it was inspired by the “Bûche de Noël”, these were collections inspired by the classic Patisserie. This year the collection is more reflecting desserts traditionally prepared at home.

How does the Christmas collection tie in with the core collection at Godiva?

The new chocolates find naturally their place into our assortments thanks to the unique design of our gift boxes that are a perfect marriage that make the ideal gift. The boxes are illustrated by the wonderful Cornwall-based Emily Carew Woodard in a style that delightfully brings our chocolates to life plus her amazing designs really give the collection that warm Christmas feel which ties into our core range too.

Godiva is a company that always looks to innovate, do you have new and exciting plans lined up for 2019?

Well, I can’t disclose too much information, however, each year has the same ethos; grow our core range and continue to produce the most innovative products in the market – we pride ourselves as being a trend-setting brand in our industry. So much so in fact, we are now beginning to work on our 2020 range – so stay tuned, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Do you have any tips for someone looking to buy a loved one some Godiva chocolate this Christmas? What should they look out for?

Our Christmas collection is a must as this assortment delivers the most refined and delicate flavour combinations. Everything is made to please the palates of our wonderful customers.  As a brand we ensure we maintain a level of accessibility, there is always something for every chocolate lovers. This year we have tried to include the younger chocolate-lovers amongst us with our Holiday Sujets collection - a snowman, a Santa and a penguin - they are adorable! And can be found in our 2018 Advent Calendar.

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