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Your new look deli and wine bar is getting ready to launch this week, so what's on the menu at the newest place to eat and drink at Jarrold? George Brentnall at the Jarrold Deli tells us all. 

What's on the menu at the new wine bar in the new look deli? 

The wine bar will be serving cheese and/or meat boards from selected local and national produce from the deli counter.  Homemade salads that are available to eat at the bar or takeaway will also be available. The food offering will be served alongside a glass of wine, fizz or beer, which has been carefully selected to match the food menu. 

And we've heard lots about you serving Iberico Jamon? 

Yes, we will be have the Iberico Jamon available to buy to take home from the deli. This is probably the world's best cured hams and if you haven't tasted it you must try it! At the moment we are training staff on how to hand carve this on counter. 

What other delights can we expect to find on the menu? 

Lots! The aim is to change the menu (both food and drink) with the seasons. Another highlight this autumn is artisan Tuscan salami and a Spanish cheese that uses thistle rennet instead of animal rennet. This makes the cheese a lot softer than usual as it doesn't set inside, making it perfect for eating with bread. 

Is it possible to have a glass of gin at the wine bar? 

Primarily we will be serving selected wine and beer at the wine bar, but we also plan to have a gin on the menu, which will change monthly. As we launch the new deli and wine bar we will be listening to what our customers would like too, and if possible, will change the menu accordingly. 

The new-look deli and wine bar opens on Thursday September 28.

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