Ask the deli buyer: What's new at the Deli


From a new range of beer, to a gin with Jarrold's namesake, Jarrold Deli buyer Judith Finney picks some of her favourite items that have just landed at the Deli.

Foodies of the world unite! Spring and summer brings with it a new season of food and drink - and some launches from some of our local and independent suppliers. In fact, we have had quite a few new drops from both existing and new suppliers that are definitely worth popping on your shopping list. 

Here are just a few of my favourites that are available now from the Deli, lower ground floor: 

Jarrold's London Dry Gin 70cl


 We stumbled across this gin on social media and although the gin has no relation to us we couldn’t resist getting in touch to see if we can include this on our gin wall in the Deli. Husband and wife team Nichola and Jamie Jarrold of The Nodding Donkey Distillery Co, Chichester. created this gin after being inspired by their travels. Persian limes are the key to its  flavour and so is the perfect tipple if you like citrus flavours.


Jarrold's Limited Edition Sloe Gin 50cl


From the makers of Jarrold's London Dry Gin comes this full-bodied, fruitful limited edition Sloe Gin . Distilled by using plump wild sloes hand-picked from the hedgerows of West Sussex, left to rest for nine months in the wonderfully smooth Jarrold's London Dry Gin, resulting in a beautifully rich and intense sloe gin. Almond notes from the stones, dryness from the fruit and the wonderful colour from the skins are all complemented by a touch of added sweetness after resting. Try it on its own or add to a drop of fizz for a wonderful cocktail.


Ghost Vodka - Silver Skull 


Just the packaging of this vodka appeals and the bold design of the box and bottle is matched by the pure, refined vodka inside. A welcome alternative to gin, this vodka tastes great on its own, or why not create your own cocktail? Produced in Norwich, this should definitely be part of your drinks cabinet this summer.


Shorrts Brewery Beers

Made on a family farm just outside the village of Thorndon in North Suffolk, Shorrts beers are traditionally crafted real ales. Inspired by their love of real ale and music, each beer is influenced by music such as Skiffle, Strummer, Rockabilly and Two Tone. All four of these are available from the Deli.

Fisselier Petites Douceurs, 20cl


If you have ever tried Chambord or Crème de Cassis in your sparkling wine or champagne this is for you. Flavoured and fragranced with flowers, this unique liqueur comes a variety of flavours such as Violet or Geranium. Add a drop to fizz or serve on the rocks as a digestif.


Fisselier Liqueur, 20cl

£13 each

French producer Fisselier makes some of the most elaborate liqueurs. Established in 1968, the liqueurs evoke the senses with gourmet flavours such as Pistachio, Rose and Cappuccino. These are delightful on their own or used as an ingredient for a cocktail.





Meet the Jarrold Deli Buyer Judith Finney

Judith sources food and drink for the Deli and Wine Bar from local producers and independent suppliers. Many of the items in the Deli are sourced from Norfolk and many products come with a story behind them. Discover more by visiting the Deli on the lower ground floor.

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