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Jordan Wake, fashion journalist and assistant to Hilary Alexander OBE, takes time out of his busy schedule to share his love for fashion - whether it is labelled menswear or womenswear.
There is something a little outdated when it comes to branding fashion as either 'menswear' or 'womenswear', after all fashion should be more about how it makes you feel, not pigeon-holeing you into what you think you should wear.

This Spring at Jarrold we have been bringing you stories about how you can #ChangeItUp and discover the real you. Symbolised through the Metamorphosis collaborative campaign with local artist Ben Giles, which saw our windows change from the new buds of Spring with greenery and caterpillars, through to florals in full bloom and hundreds of butterflies, this season we have shown you how Jarrold can help you dress, look and feel how you want. Some of you have had style sessions with our Personal Stylists Florrie and Katy, and makeovers with our Personal Beauty Consultants Paris and Yvonne. We have also introduced new and exciting brands to the already strong mix here at Jarrold, such as Michael Kors and Sunglass Hut, who have helped change up our fashion accessories floor. The campaign is also paving the way for change, and you will discover more exciting things coming your way throughout the year.

One of the stories in our #ChangeItUp campaign is our Street Style series, which has given local influencers the chance to be let loose on our fashion and beauty floors with Personal Stylist Florrie and Personal Beauty Consulant Paris so that they can pick one outfit that sums up what they are about.

The final story in the series is Jordan Wake, a fashion journalist and assistant to Hilary Alexander OBE, who spends his time jetting off to fashion weeks around the world and attending fashion parties in London. There is no doubt that Jordan loves fashion, and he is a firm believer in finding pieces that he will wear forever, so fit is of utmost importance regardless of whether the item of clothing is labelled 'menswear' or 'womenswear'.

"To me fashion is fashion, it has no boundaries and why should it," says Jordan. "When I shop, I shop in both men's and women's department as for me fashion is all about how it fits. If it fits perfectly, who cares if it is supposed to be for men or women?"

Jordan shopped both the ground and first floors to pick an outfit that he believes sums up his style with the help of Personal Stylist Florrie. He then had a makeup session with Personal Beauty Consultant Paris who helped him even out his skin tone for a natural look.


Gucci Sunglasses

£390, from Sunglass Hut, exclusively available instore (ground floor).

Hobbs Short Ella Mac

£179, exclusively available instore (floor 1).

Coach saddle bag

exclusively avaiable instore (ground floor).

Tommy Hilfiger shirt

£80, exclusively available instore (ground floor).

Levi white jeans

£70, exclusively available instore (floor 1).

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