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Think that shapewear is all about ugly pants? Think again. The new generation of lingerie that can lift, smooth and potentially give body confidence, is more attractive than you may think

Shapewear is great. It can hide those lumps and bumps, suck in your tummy, lift your bottom and can make you feel like a million dollars in that dress. However, wearing control pants, thigh shapers or a full body can leave you feeling hot and uncomfortable, never mind plucking up the strength to it on and off.

Times have changed, and far from being seen as ‘Bridget Jones’ pants, the new generation in shapewear is nothing short of a fashion fixer and confidence booster.

Here, one of our lingerie consultants Corrine Norton gives her top five reasons why we should all be embracing shapewear when going to a special event.

Eveningwear and occasionwear can sometimes be figure hugging, or made from materials such as silk or fine jersey, meaning that there is no escape for any lumps and bumps. The right shapewear solution for your outfit can smooth out lines and prevent VPL (visible panty lines).

There is shapewear to fix any fashion concern, and suit any body shape.

Shapewear can even give you a waist to give you the perfect hourglass figure.

New breathable materials means that shapewear is nicer to wear than it once was.

Get the right shapewear solution for you and your outfit and you will be surprised at how confidence boosting it can be.

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