Lingerie Buying Guide for Him


 1. One of the most important things to consider when buying lingerie is sizing. The best thing to do, if you don't know her size is to check her lingerie drawer to see the size of her favourite items.

 The bra size will consist of numbers and letters for example 32B, 32 would be the chest size and the letter is the cup. Knickers are the same as normal dress sizing.


2. The next thing to consider when buying Lingerie would be the style.  Are you looking for something flirty, glamorous or understated? You should also think about whether you are looking for a bra and knicker set, chemise or corset.

 3. With lots of beautiful colours and prints available in store and online, think about her favourite colour or outfit to help you choose. Colours can mean different things, red and black say glamour and seduction whilst softer tones like white, cream and pink can be flirty.

 4. Once you have chosen the lingerie, you can complete the look with our stunning range of accessories such as suspenders, tights and robes.

Once you have chosen your gift, we offer a gift wrapping service to make sure it arrives at its destination beautifully packaged.

Find out more about our gift wrapping option here.

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