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Looking to revamp your wardrobe just in time for the new year? Our Menswear Stylist Tim Benns shares what classic pieces you should invest in for your wardrobe this Spring.


 I quite often come across the notion of “Timeless pieces” when speaking to fashion brand representatives. In almost any brand of any season, there will be a few go to items, which the brands consider to be the staple backbone of that season’s collection. As much as many brands like to introduce some fresh ideas and perhaps a different direction in which some lines are going, the timeless items are the ones which most consumers favour, are comfortable with buying and are the volume drivers for which the brands rely on for core and repeat business.

In terms of timeless brands, there are a few out there which have stood the test of time and to this day, are still considered by many, their first and only choice. One such brand which sticks out in my mind is Levis. Jacob Davis, a tailor from Reno, Nevada teamed up with Levi Strauss to create riveted-for-strength workwear made of true blue denim. On May 20th 1873 the U.S Patent and Trademark office grants patent #139,121 to Levi Strauss & Co and Jacob Davis for their invention and so blue jeans were born. The “501”, made famous more recently for the T.V adverts, dates back to around 1890 and to this day still fills the shelves of stores worldwide as the “go to Jean”.  Barbour has seen an enormous uplift into mainstream fashion, since it decided to keep the idea of the weatherproof wax jacket from its humble functional outerwear beginnings and develop it into a brand which was just as comfortable on the high street trendies as it was out in the fields and waterways.


As well as brands though, there are certainly some pieces which I would consider timeless classics, you know the ones which will never really date and you can wear it year in year out without worrying if you are conforming to the latest trends. So here are my top 5 classics from the fashion spectrum:

  1.  The Peacoat. Made from heavy durable wool, this double breasted utility coat has been covering sailor’s backs since the first part of the 18th Century and no you don’t need to be a Royal Naval Officer to own one!! Check out Gant and Ted Baker.
  2.  The Duffle coat. Be it long in the body or a shorter cut, everyone at sometime has or still owns one. I do and it is my favourite winter casual. Named after the fabric first used to make the coat- a heavy woollen cloth manufactured in the Belgian town of Duffel-it was originally worn by hardened sea folk to protect them from harsh winds and stormy seas.
  3. Sneakers. From the sports stadiums to the catwalk, whatever your brand of choice it is a total classic and investment item.
  4. Denim. Mentioned before and will be mentioned again. No household or wardrobe should be without them. Levis tick most of the boxes.
  5. The Oxford shirt. A no brainer in my book. Dress this classic Oxford cotton, button down collar shirt, very popular in the ivy league colleges of the 50’s, up or down for a smart to smart casual look. Tommy Hilfiger and Gant have it spot on.


Always remember one thing, though it may be more expensive, you get what you pay for in the long run. I certainly know where and when to invest.

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New Year Resolutions

There’s always pressure just after Christmas when people ask you what your new years resolutions are going to be. Yes, like most people, i have in the past made a few but rarely found myself sticking to them for long. Perhaps they were unachievable or I just said it / did it to placate people. If you are going to make some resolutions this year, my advice would be to make them realistic and tangible and have a plan. Whether it is getting fit, dieting, cutting back drinking, stopping smoking, being more spontaneous, finding the love of your life or just spending more time with your family, you are far more likely to succeed if its within your capability. Take one step at a time and record your achievements so that you have a measure of your progress and can celebrate the success accordingly. Good Luck.


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