Guest post: Get suited for the (Royal) wedding with Gagliardi


The craftmanship that goes into making a suit is an artisan process that used to come with a high price tag – not anymore, says Gagliardi tailoring service expert Luke Osborne.

Whether you are getting ready for a Royal Wedding or not, the advantages of investing in a bespoke suit far out weight that of off the peg. For a start you are guaranteed a better fit; trousers and jackets are neither too long or too short, lapels and buttons lay flat with no gaping and you can even have hidden extras such as a discreet inside jacket pocket for your mobile phone and other gadgets.

It’s all very James Bond. But for this luxury and fit it must come with a high price tag right? Well no, not necessarily. We put five usually asked questions about having a suit specifically made for you to our tailoring service expert Luke Osborne and you might be surprised at the answers:

Having a suit made to suit you sounds expensive?

The art of making a suit specifically to fit you is often thought of as being an investment buy, and while it is (the suit will last you a lifetime) it is not necessarily the case that a bespoke suit is expensive. Using our tailoring service you can probably get a complete suit for a minimum of £500. The price goes up depending on what fabrics, linings, pockets, buttons and details you choose. Usually the average suit costs around £700-£800.

So not only can I get a suit that fits me perfectly, I can also choose the fabric and style?

Yes. We have books with hundreds of different colour, texture and weight fabrics that you can choose from. You can then choose your cut, lining, whether you want straight or slant pockets, what buttons you want and any other details. Customers sometimes like having a zip on the jackets inside pocket or even a hidden inside pocket where they can carry their mobile without it adding bulk to the jacket.

How long will I need to wait for my suit?

The whole process takes around eight to 12 weeks.

How is my suit made?

Your suit is made in the traditional way. There is an art to a good quality tailormade suit, so our bespoke suits are hand cut and hand finished by one man who will make your suit from start to finish.

How outrageous can I be with the colour and style of my suit?

We offer a wide range of patterns and colours, and even limited edition cloths if you want to make your suit even more special. You can create a white or even a red suit if you wish. If this is your first tailormade suit I would recommend that you think classic with a neutral fabric, as you can always make a statement with your shirt and accessories. But the world is your oyster!

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