Ask the stylist: top gifts for the style conscious man


When it comes to buying a Christmas gift for the man in your life, style should be top of your list, says male stylist Tim Benns. 

For me, Christmas is all about magic and surprise, so whenever the question “What do you want for Christmas?” is asked I freeze and automatically reply “nothing, I don’t want anything”. What I actually mean by this is there is plenty I want for Christmas having dropped enough hints lately and you really should know me by now, so go ahead, get one of these things and surprise me.

So when it comes to buying the man in your life a gift this Christmas – why not surprise him? When it comes to what to buy, year on year clothing is increasingly a popular choice for men, especially if it is from a brand such as Barbour, Hackett, Gant, Tommy Hilfiger and Levi’s.

Most of these key brands have a fantastic range of accessories to complement the range and so these also make fantastic gifting. I have to say I love the American brands we stock, Tommy Hilfiger in particular because, as with all things American, they love the holiday season and so produce some great gifting sets.

So with this in mind, let me tempt and inspire you with my top ‘All I want for Christmas’ gift ideas. All of which are available from the menswear department and beauty hall.

Barbour International Impeller Quilted Jacket



Giordano Maggiore Shirt



Barbour Tartan Cashmere Scarf



Levi's 511 Slim Fit Performance Stretch Jeans



Shepherd Hugo Slippers Oiled Antique



Creed Viking EDP 100ml



For all your Christmas party styling and fashion gift shopping why not talk to one of our personal stylists on the menswear or womenswear floors? The service is free. Pop into either the menswear department on the ground floor or womenswear on the first floor to book your appointment or call 01603 660661. 

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