Cambridge Satchel Company

Have you heard of the Cambridge Satchel Company? Founded by Julie Deane in 2008, this exquisite brand creates high quality 1960s inspired satchels to last a life time.

Making a welcome addition to any ‘bag lovers’ collection, these timeless beauties can cross between many diverse styles, guaranteeing to turn heads wherever you go.

Super sturdy leather and handmade in Britain, the talented craftsmen have wasted no time ensuring each individual bag is carefully shaped to perfection. The satchels come in a range of sizes, colours and collections; including the newly introduced ‘Men’s Collection’…who said men can’t be fashionable?

Perhaps the most recognisable bag is the ‘Classic Satchel’ with its iconic magnetic batchels, the leading style for every fashion-savvy student. With everything said, it comes as no surprise that these ‘on trend’ fashion accessories are popular with celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Alexa Chung and we just love them!

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