We Love Tanya Burr!

A few weeks ago I hadn't heard of Tanya Burr - but several of my colleagues had, because once upon a time Tanya used to work here at Jarrolds, in the Perfumery Department on the ground floor. That was a few years ago and Tanya has gone on to become massively famous, part of the modern phenomenon of vlogging stars born via the awesome reach of YouTube. If you want to know more about the vlogging phenomenon the Guardian has a useful piece here.

You'll see from that article that Tanya has about ten million views per month on her channel! Tanya also has her own blog, which you can find here:


You'll find more information there about her great new book. And you can buy it from Jarrolds! Very best wishes to Tanya from all of her former colleagues at Jarrolds for the success of the new book!

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