The BFG by Roald Dahl


When Sophie is snatched from her bed in the middle of the night by a giant with a stride as long as a tennis court she is sure she's going to be eaten for breakfast. But luckily for Sophie, the BFG is far more jumbly than his disgusting neighbours, whose favourite pastime is guzzling up whoppsy-whiffling human beans. Sophie is determined to stop all this, and so she and the BFG cook up an ingenious plan to rid the world of the Bloodbottler, the Fleshlumpeater and all their rotsome friends forever.

 There is a special hardback slip-cased edition of The BFG by Roald Dahl for £25 (see attached photo), paperback editions for £6.99 and BFG inspired gifts including Dream Jar Reading Light, sticker book, bookmarks, postcards, BFG IS MY BAG calico bag and full colour illustrated editions of the book.

 The BFG is one of Dahl's most lovable character creations. Whether galloping off with Sophie nestled into the soft skin of his ear to capture dreams as though they were exotic butterflies; speaking his delightful, jumbled, squib-fangled patois; or whizzpopping for the Queen, he leaves an indelible impression of bigheartedness.

To celebrate Roald Dahl's centenary year and the release of Steven Spielberg's film, The BFG, we are running a summer holiday word competition. Are you a Dahl-ling Word Maker? Invent a word inspired by the way the BFG talks, include a definition (rude words are not allowed) and hand it in to a member of the book department by Saturday 27th August 2016 for a chance to win a Roald Dahl bag chock full of goodies. 

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