Local Books - Collection 5

SUFFOLK HOUSESSuffolk Houses by Eric Sandon


Baron Publ. | Hardback | 9780902028685

From the early timber-framed houses through to the later brickwork of domestic buildings and the almost entirely local development of ornamental plasterwork, Suffolk architecture has a rich tradition. Written by a professional architect, this superbly illustrated book gives not only a scholarly account of the development of house building, but also a vivid description of the character of the county itself.

The Grey NomadsThe Grey Nomads by John A Richardson


Matador | Paperback | 9781780885445

Experienced travellers John and Jane Richardson pulled on their rucksacks and lived the dream during a life-changing eight months exploring America, Australia and Malaysia. Mature travellers wanting to shop, cook and understand the people and the communities they interact with during their journeys. From encounters with bears and wolves in Yellowstone Park, to Queensland’s worst ever floods they take the time to understand the people they met and the places they visited.

Into The Light - The Medieval Hebrew Poetry of Meir of NorwichInto the Light - The Medieval Hebrew Poetry of Meir of Norwich


East | Paperback | 9780956328519

The first published English translation of these poems brings a valuable medieval literary voice to prominence after more than 700 years. They reflect the dark experiences of England’s Jewish communities in a time of persecution and bloodshed but, as Keiron Pim writes in his introduction, “Always there is hope that this night of the Jewish soul will pass and the long-awaited dawn arrive.” A beautiful and atmospheric new translation.

The Story of the Norwich Boot and Shoe TradeThe Story of the Norwich Boot and Shoe Trade by Frances and Michael Holmes

£9.95 | View

Norwich Heritage Projects | Paperback | 9780956627230

By the end of the last century the mighty companies of the City’s premier industry had failed. Why? What was it like working in the shoe factories, what shoes were made, who were the major companies and what was their legacy? The best people to ask are the employees and in this book their fascinating commentaries have been interwoven with archive material, photographs and contemporary newspaper reports to tell their engrossing story.

GoodfellaGoodfella by Craig Bellamy


Trinity Mirror Sport Media | Hardback | 9781908695307

Bellamy came from a loving family but temptations lay in his way. Follow the crowd or follow a dream? Join your mates in a gang on the streets or try to make it as a pro? Follow the crowd or follow a dream? He chose football and became a rebel with a cause, his burning desire to succeed made him a winner on the pitch, but that same passion also got him into trouble. Goodfella uncovers the real man behind the player and reveals the untold stories of a life inside football’s fast lane.

AirShipAirship by John Swinfield


Conway | Hardback | 9781844861385

A compelling account of the successes and calamities which plagued the ocean liner of the heavens: a story of ego, courage and vaulting ambition played out by politicians, constructors and audacious sky sailors. International in scope, dealing with lighter-than-air innovations from both commercial and military perspectives. Extensive plate sections feature previously unseen archive photography, documents, memorabelia and colour artworks. A fascinating study.

Originally published as 'Roy's Read's' in Let's Talk magazine | November 2013

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