Local Books - Collection 4

Grandad's WarGrandad’s War by Juliet and Heather Brodie

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Poppyland | Large Paperback | 9780946148837

This is the First World War diary of Horace Reginald Stanley where we can share the youthful enthusiasm of a young man as he joins the local territorials and comes face to face with the realities of The Great War. Throughout he observed bravery and fear, desperation and the ability to survive, through many different strategies. He maintained a shrewd independence of thought, he photographed English and French friends, scratching notes on the sides of negatives to flesh out the story.

Railways of East AngliaRailways of East Anglia by J Jennison & T Sheffield

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Ian Allan | Hardback | 9780711036543

This book essentially covers the area of the old Great Eastern Railway plus a couple of “intruding” lines. It includes a wealth of previously unpublished colour photographs during a period of dramatic change. It covers the final years of steam operation and the subsequent transition to diesel traction. Passenger and freight traffic is recorded on both the main lines and the numerous branches that were once a feature of the region.

Norwich StreetsNorwich Streets by Barry Pardue

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History Press | Paperback | 9780752435053

This book enables the reader to fully appreciate the events that have shaped the city over the past 1300 years. It is illustrated with over 100 evocative photographs and illustrations and examines the way in which the street names of Norwich reflect its growth, industry and fortunes. Red Lion and Ten Bells, Opie Street and Hansard Lane are just some that hark back to the ancient inns and earliest industries.

Norfolk Folk TalesNorfolk Folk Tales by Hugh Lupton


History Press | Paperback | 9780752479422

Hugh Lupton has been a central figure in the British storytelling revival. He tells myths, legends and folk tales from many cultures, but his particular passion is for the hidden layers of the English landscape and the stories and ballads that give voice to them. This book is a celebration of the deep connection between a place and its people. Here we sense the collective imagination of countless generations who have populated the county with ghosts, saints, witches, giants and much else.

 Most Secret - The Hidden History of Orford NessMost Secret – The Hidden History Of Orfordness by Paddy Heazell

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History Press | Paperback | 9780752491592

Orfordness is a National Nature Reserve of international significance, but its military history has proved no less important and its secrets highly intriguing. This book tells an incredible tale of ingenious, talented and brave men – and women – who operated with typically British patience and resourcefulness in often highly uncomfortable an, on occasions, fatal circumstances. Their wartime contribution places them on a par with the codebreakers of Bletchley Park.

Originally published as 'Roy's Read's' in Let's Talk magazine | October 2013

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