Local Books - Collection 3

Bread and Ale for the BrethrenBread and Ale for the Brethren by Philip Slavin


University of Hertfordshire Press | Large paperback | 9781907396632

This is an in-depth study of the changing patterns and fortunes of the provisioning of Norwich Cathedral Priory between c. 1260 and 1536. Revealed is a microcosm of the late-medieval English economy and society at a time of political, socio-economic and biological shocks and crises, including years of bad weather, famine, pestilence (both human and bovine), warfare and revolts. Light is shed on the wider processes of decline and eventual collapse of direct demesne management and feudalism.

Lighthouses of East AngliaLighthouses of the East Coast by Robin Jones


Halsgrove | Hardback | 9780857041678

From Trent Falls on the Humber to the Thames Estuary and London’s East End, this is a definitive guide to the lighthouses and primary lightships of the coast of Lincolnshire and East Anglia and the amazing stories behind them. Many innovative developments in the history of lighthouses were made here, including the only one from where you can see the sunset over the sea and the curious landlocked inland lighthouse linked to eighteenth century sex orgies. Heavily illustrated and comprehensive.

Arthur Ransome on the BroadsArthur Ransome on the Broads by Roger Wardale


Amberley | Large paperback | 9781445611525

This tells the inside story of the two classic children’s novels, Coot Club and The Big Six, that stemmed from the eight holidays Ransome and his wife spent cruising in the 1930s. Drawing freely upon Ransome’s sailing log, his diaries and those of his wife, an intimate portrait emerges of the iconic children’s author on holiday, as well as a unique picture of the Broads at a crucial point in their transition from the wilderness that he loved to a watery playground. Beautifully illustrated and with a very wide appeal.

The Lost FensThe Lost Fens by Ian D. Rotherham

£17.99 | View

History Press | Large Paperback | 9780752486944

The loss of the great fenlands of eastern England is the greatest single removal of ecology in our history. This story is of political and economically driven ecological catastrophe and loss. So much has gone, but with global environmental climate change fenlands once again have major roles in our sustainable futures. The Fens bred revolution and civil war and paid the penalty, nurturing religious non-conformism with global impact. This book tells a story of a landscape once hugely important.

Lives and Loves of Letton Hall, NorfolkLives and Loves of Letton Hall by Peter Carroll

£11.95 | View

Jigsaw Design and Publishing | Large paperback | 9781907750335

Letton Hall is an important house architecturally, being Sir John Soane’s first full house commission, but it is the families who occupied the house that make this biography such a fascinating and fully-documented story. The Gurdon family owned it for more than 130 years while the next squire, a shipowner and racing man, was a 60- year-old bachelor until he brought a French wife, half his age, to be mistress of the estate. Military and agricultural use followed and at present its use is as a residential conference centre.

John Taylor - In The Pleasure GrooveIn The Pleasure Groove by John Taylor


Sphere | Paperback | 9780751549034

A shy only child, Nigel John Taylor was’nt an obvious choice for pop stardom. But when he ditched his first name and picked up a bass guitar everything changed. Duran Duran were an immediate global success. For John in particular it was a wild, dangerous ride and one he only just survived. In his brilliant, bestselling memoir, now in paperback, he recounts the highs and lows with humour, honesty and hard-won wisdom. Disarming and heartfelt.

Originally published as 'Roy's Read's' in Let's Talk magazine | September 2013

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