Local Books - Collection 2

Aprons and Silver SpoonsAprons and Silver Spoons by Mollie Moran

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Penguin | Paperback | 9780718159993

At just fourteen, Mollie left behind her days of running wild in the Norfolk countryside to take up a position in the kitchens of a stately London townhouse, in the 1930s. We see the ‘upstairs, downstairs’ world through her eyes: the politics and scandals, the friendships and secret liaisons, the many comings and goings. But soon the war would change Mollie’s world and that of those she served for ever.

The Suffolk PunchThe Suffolk Punch by Edward Hart


Halsgrove | Hardback | 9781841146515

The Suffolk Punch is among the noblest of our British breeds of horse and yet it has come perilously close to extinction. This book provides a historical overview along with the current status of this magnificent cart-horse. Its principal aim is to provide an up to date illustrated study of these handsome animals and to bring to the attention of the wider public an appreciation of the breed, its historic importance and the current work being done to ensure its survival.

Tracing Your House HistoryTracing Your House History by Gill Blanchard

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Pen and Sword | Paperback | 9781848842540

In a series of concise, information-filled chapters, you are shown how to trace the history of your house or flat, how to gain an insight into the lives of the people who lived in it before you and how to fit it into the wider history of your neighbourhood. The author makes the research process understandable, accessible and fun, managing to demystify the sometimes obscure language and layout of the documents found in libraries, record offices and archives.

And They Loved Not Their Lives Unto DeathAnd They Loved Not Their Lives Unto Death by Steve Smith

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Menin House | Paperback | 9781908336507

This is a history of Worstead and Westwick’s war memorial and war dead. Worstead can be traced right back to the 1100’s when Flemish immigrants first settled there, as a result of this Worstead’s St Mary the Virgin Church is one of the largest in the country. Many of its sons served and died in the main campaigns of both wars. This is their story.

A History of Great YarmouthA History Of Great Yarmouth by Frank Meeres

£8.99 – Half- Price

Phillimore | Hardback | 9781860774577

Unlike most works on the town, this looks at the entire area that has always been closely connected to the borough, with chapters on Gorleston, and the villages and former villages to where the majority of the people of Greater Yarmouth now live. It sets Yarmouth in its environmental context, discussing the dramatic effect of changing sea levels and changes in climate. Above all, the book considers the lives of ordinary people at work and at play, including many never before seen photographs.

RAF Marham - Bomber StationRAF Marham Bomber Station by Martin Bowman


History Press | Paperback – large | 9780752446943

This book features a history of the base in East Anglia, the post war period including American interludes, B-29 Washingtons, B-52 deployments, Canberra Jet bombers. V- Bomber Victors and Valiants and finally Tornadoes, which operated from the station to the Gulf War and are still in situ today. Its history reaches back into the First World War, intercepting raiding Zeppelins and Gothas. All this is complimented by interviews with personnel and many photographs, old and modern.

Originally published as 'Roy's Read's' in Let's Talk magazine | August 2013

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