Ask the book buyer about how to cope with the summer heat


As the temperature rises yet again Jarrold book buyer Chris Rushby suggests some coping strategies on how to deal with the heat.

Dear Reader,

There’s a sign near one of our tills offering words of advice to customers escaping the insane temperatures out on the street for the air-conditioned bliss of the Jarrold book department:

Feeling hot? Buy a book. You’ll still feel hot, but you’ll have your book.

It adds that, if all else fails, you can fan yourself with the book. Surely it’s all that needs to be said about why books should continue to be an important part of your summer shopping?

Just in case it isn’t all that needs to be said and you’d like some further inspiration let us point you in the direction of some disparate, but (I hope you’ll agree) fascinating books that might capture the imagination.    


My Wasted Years and The Ghosts of Paradis

Arthur Brough was a great Norwich character, a World War II veteran who wrote his memoir My Wasted Years, first published in 1994, about his war years, several of which were spent in German prisoner of war camps. In later years Arthur was often to be found in one or other of the Jarrold cafes and restaurants, charming fellow diners to the extent that they almost inevitably then came to the book department to buy a copy of the book.

Sadly Arthur died a few months ago. His book is still available, of course, but we didn’t realise until recently that there’s a further memento of this big-hearted man in the shape of a French-made documentary film, The Ghosts of Paradis. Paradis is a village in Normandy where, early in World War II during the retreat to Dunkirk, around one hundred men of the Norfolk Regiment were massacred by the SS after they’d surrendered, having run out of ammunition. The film is about how the memory of those events reverberated in the village down the years.

But for the fact of having been captured a few hours previously Arthur would have been involved in the Paradis battle too. He never forgot this and would visit the village every year for the memorial service for the fallen. Here he met the producer of the documentary and, in true Arthur style, captured her attention to the extent that, although the film is nominally about the terrible events in Paradis, it becomes in many ways a film about Arthur, following him back to Norwich and event into the Jarrold store.       

We know we’re biased, but it’s a pleasure to have this film of Arthur to sit alongside the memoir he sold with such aplomb.

My Wasted Years

Arthur Brough


The Ghosts of Paradis 



Nicci French at the Noirwich Crime Festival 

Here at Jarrold we’re delighted to be part of the fifth Noirwich Crime Writing Festival. If you’re not familiar with Noirwich, it’s the fastest growing literary festival in the East of England and every year brings to the city a host of brilliant crime and thriller writers for events, discussions, debates and all kinds of other activities for fans of the genre. You can find out all about Noirwich here.

We’re particularly pleased to be hosting the launch event of this year’s festival on Thursday 13 September, in the shape of an evening with the acclaimed husband and wife authorial team of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French, who go by the composite name of Nicci French.

If you don’t know their taut and pacy novels you really should. The latest, Day of the Dead, is apparently going to be the last ever novel in the series featuring psychologist Frieda Klein. 

Let me commend the whole Noirwich weekend to the many crime/thriller fans in the Jarrold customer base. But let me particularly commend the Nicci French evening here in the store. 

The Day Of The Dead

Nicci French



The Colour of Time: a New History of the World, 1850-1960

Finally, an early tip about what I guess will be one of this autumn’s top selling books: a collection of historic photographs, all of them originally in black and white, but painstakingly digitally coloured for this volume by the artist and historian Marina Amaral. Fellow historian Dan Jones has written the commentary to each picture and between them they’ve compiled a striking and compelling book.

There’s something about the colourisation of these images that brings the past lurching forward so that it seems these images were made last week, rather than last century. We see dead bodies on the Gettysburg battlefield; the aftermath of the charge of the Light Brigade; personalities as disparate as Butch Cassidy and Karl Marx, Hitler and Mussolini; nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll.   

Come and look at our display copy and I defy you not to be fascinated. This is one of those books you’ll either want to give or get, for Christmas, or both.

The Colour of Time

Dan Jones and Marina Amaral






Ask the Jarrold book buyer

Looking for a book for your holiday? Whether you want a good, page-turning read, or you want to discover a new series of novels in your favourite genre, Chris and his team can help. Pop to the book department on the lower ground floor or browse just a few of the books available instore online.

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