Get Creative with Tanya Bakes

Tanya Burr's new book Tanya Bakes is a must read for fans of the famous social media star. From her seven-tiered multi-coloured rainbow cake to her top tips on waffles, it is filled with delicious baking recipes and plenty of stunning photographs of the tasty treats.

Hitting the shelves of many excited fans this month, Tanya Bakes is the first cook book released by the Youtube sensation Tanya Burr.

With baking being a big passion in Tanya’s life, this book offers comforting family recipes which have been passed down through generations and some which have been shared amongst her closest friends. Full of fantastic photography, it’s hard not to feel hungry when flicking through the recipes– our favourites include the ‘White Chocolate & Nutella Pinwheel Biscuits’ and the mouth-watering ‘Raspberry Cupcakes.’

If you are looking for some baking inspiration, this recipe book is the perfect tool to get started.

Tanya Bakes is available to buy in store.

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